Airport Parking at Aberdeen Airport

There are a number of parking options available if you drive to Aberdeen Airport. You can run a quote using the widget below to find out how much you can save by booking in advance and compare parking options.

Results from Airport Parking Shop.

Aberdeen Airport Parking – Short Stay

20 minutes £2.00
1 hour £5.70
2 hours £7.90
4 hours £11.20
8 hours £20.00
24 hours £28.00
Each full or partial 24 hours £28.00
The short stay multi-storey car park at Aberdeen Airport has 500 spaces. You can book in advance or pay when you drive up, however booking in advance will normally be cheaper. If you are using a sat-nav to get to the airport, the postcode for the short stay car park is AB21 7DU.

Aberdeen Airport Parking – Long Stay

There is a long stay car park situated close to the terminal – just a short bus ride away. Buses between the terminal and the car park are frequent; they run every few minutes and the journey itself only takes a couple of minutes.

While you can just turn up on the day, it is advisable to book long-stay parking in advance to ensure a space during busy periods, and it is also often cheaper to book your parking in advance. You can compare affordable prices for car parking at Aberdeen Airport from the 4 facilities available near the site.

If you are using sat-nav to get to the Long Stay car park, the post code is AB21 7DU.

Electric car charging points at Aberdeen Airport

Charging points have been implemented in both the short-stay and priority car parks for electrical vehicles to be charged. The service is free for paying customers to use, with four units located on the first floor of the short stay zone and two further points in the priority area.

Priority Parking

Priority Parking at Aberdeen Airport entitles you to bays very close to the terminal and they are larger than standard bays. You will also get faster access through security as well. This service starts from £7.40 an hour and will cost £39.90 for a 24 hour period.

Drop off and pick up at Aberdeen Airport

Picking up

Aberdeen Airport do not allow waiting at the Airport so you will have to use the Short Stay car park. Hourly rates for this car park can be found above.

Drop off

The only free facilities for dropping off passengers are located in the long stay car park. You will need to use one of the free shuttle buses to get to the terminal and can only stay for up to 15 minutes. If you want to drop off a passenger closer to the airport you will need to pay £2 and the drop off area uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and so you may find yourself with a fine if you stay do not pay or stay longer than 15 minutes. You can also use the short stay parking but you will need to pay the short stay parking rates.

Parking at Airport Hotels

It’s also worth noting that sometimes getting an airport hotel with parking included can work out to the same price (or cheaper) as parking alone, and is often far more convenient if you’ve got an early flight. Visit our hotel page to see what hotels are close to Aberdeen Airport and if they have parking packages.