Travel Money

We know there are several ways to change up your travel money nowadays (no need to take a stash of hard saved cash to the travel agents anymore!) but do you know what they are and know what they mean? You’d be forgiven for answering “No” given the amount of variation on the market!
Fear not; below we have compiled the information you need on the most popular ways of obtaining your travel money when passing thorugh Aberdeen Airport.

Travel Money at the Airport

You can choose from around 50 different currencies from either of the Travelex desks, located before or after security. Keep in mind that purchasing on the day can often work out to be the most expensive way of doing so, so why not pre order your travel money online and collect it from the desk upon arrival at the airport? Simply use our widget to view your currency rate, go through to the Travelex site and complete your purchase.
There are also 6 cash ATMs throughout the airport; four can be found close to the Travelex desk before security and the other two by the Travelex desk after security. A mixture of Sterling, Euros and US Dollars can be withdrawn.
a guide to purchasing your travel money at aberdeen airport

Prepaid Currency Cards

If you don’t like carrying cash, a preloaded currency card, like the Travelex one on the left here, may be just what you need. They act in a similar way to regular credit and debit cards, except you pre-purchase and load the amount of currency before you go. They are perfect for keeping a close eye on your travel money and you can usually benefit from locked in exchange rates to protect you from unfavourable fluctuations. You’ll need to apply for one with your chosen provider, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to do so. Oh and be mindful that these cards come with charges, all of which will differ depending on the provider!

Credit and Debit Cards

If you are happy to use your own plastic, this can usually be the easiest way to go about spending money abroad (especially if you run out of time to do any of the above!)