Scots furious with delay

On September 4, over 100 travellers at Aberdeen Airport were allowed onto a British Airways (BA) plane to London, despite the fact that it was not able to fly. The aircraft, which was suffering from a faulty wing, remained stationary on the tarmac for several hours after boarding, much to the chagrin of those onboard.

The incident is the second of its kind in Scotland since the end of June, following a similar debacle at Prestwick Airport.

Prestwick bosses called police to the Ayrshire hub on June 25, after passengers aboard a Ryanair plane to Girona, Spain, became agitated by delays. The passengers, dubbed ‘hostages’ by the sensationalist press, were eventually soothed with chocolate and bottled water, bought at the airport by the local constabulary.

Stranded travellers at Aberdeen Airport were not so lucky with regards to refreshments, and began their respective holidays with a four-hour pit stop in blustery Dyce, where the Scottish hub is located.

Whilst BA has apologised for the delay, citing ‘safety first’ as the impetus for the hold up, travellers aboard the plane have complained to the Evening Express newspaper, denouncing Britain’s flag-carrier. Passengers claim that BA was well aware of the fault before boarding took place.

Aberdeen’s list of unfortunate incidents doesn’t end there, however; the hub endured delays to all outbound flights at the end of August, after a huge power cut knocked out the airport’s security consoles.

Then, just a few days later, on September 10, a Super Puma helicopter reported rotor trouble whilst ferrying workers from a North Sea platform to the Dyce airport. It eventually landed safely, albeit with several frightened passengers.

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