New Dublin service gets underway

Aer Lingus Regional
has introduced a new route from Aberdeen Airport to the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Despite its name, the Aer Lingus Regional brand is an alliance between Aer Lingus and commuter airline, Aer Arran. The two carriers have been working together since early 2010, and currently offer flights to La Rochelle in France, Blackpool in sunny England, and Cardiff in Wales, among others. Aer Arran chief, Paul Schütz, referred to the partnership as “a major development for Irish aviation” in January, last year.

Returning to the present, the new flight from Aberdeen to Dublin will operate six times a week, using Aer Arran’s fleet of turboprop – or propeller-driven – aeroplanes. Derek Provan, Aberdeen Airport’s new boss, noted that the route was doubly important for Scottish travellers, as it opens up the ten cities in North America served by Dublin Airport, including Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Toronto in Canada, and Atlanta in Georgia. “This route comes with many benefits, but being able to clear US customs before you arrive on American soil creates an attractive proposition,” Mr. Provan explained.

Aer Lingus’ route to Ireland could also help shore up Aberdeen’s finances in the face of continuing unrest in North Africa and the Middle East. The Scottish airport feeds energy workers into Heathrow’s network of routes to oil-producing countries, such as Libya and Kazakhstan. However, the civil war in Libya has forced world airlines to flee the country, meaning that demand for the BMI route from Aberdeen to Heathrow is likely to fall, albeit temporarily.

The departure of the first Dublin-bound aircraft prompted celebrations at Aberdeen, including traditional Irish music, and a variety of free refreshments for travellers. Aer Arran boss, Sinead Murphy, said that the airline was “delighted” with recent developments.

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