Flights cut from Aberdeen

Earlier this week a blow was dealt to business travellers and holidaymakers alike in the north east of Scotland, with the announcement that two major airlines were planning to scrap some of the services currently offered. This followed news that for the ninth month in a row passenger numbers for the airport had dropped.

Ryanair has announced that as from July it will be reducing flights from Aberdeen to Dublin. At present the low-cost airline operates on four days a week between the two cities, but moves are afoot to reduce this by at least one day following criticism of the charges levied at Aberdeen.

BMI has also indicated that it will be axing its Aberdeen-to-Jersey route this month, a consequence of the cancellation of its Heathrow-to-Jersey service. Since the Aberdeen service was never direct it has become an unwitting casualty of the changes in the Heathrow schedule.

Business leaders for the north east have described the cuts as a huge setback and have expressed concerns that this may be the tip of the iceberg, with other airlines reviewing their schedules as a result of the current economic crisis facing the country.

On a more positive note, Loganair, in conjunction with Flybe, announced earlier this year that as from April a new service from Aberdeen to Cardiff would be introduced. This followed an earlier announcement that Eastern Airways would be expanding their Scandinavian service with a new route from Aberdeen to Oslo supplementing their existing Aberdeen to Stavanger service.

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