Aberdeen ‘delighted’ with bus link

From August 16, travellers using Aberdeen Airport will be able to take advantage of a new bus service, designed to improve transport links between the Scottish hub and the city centre.

The route will be operated by Stagecoach Bluebird between 0.435 and 22.00 every day except Sunday. Local councillors have welcomed the addition, calling the new 727 service a ‘boon to the travelling public.’

Aberdeen councillor, Kevin Stewart, explained that previous city-airport bus routes had been disappointing; in fact, a similar service between Aberdeen and Dyce, where the airport is located, had recently been cancelled.

“I am absolutely delighted with the new service,” Stewart explained. “Buses from the city to the airport have not been the best in the past. I hope that this new service will attract more folk onto the buses.”

Departing every 30 minutes from the Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen, the 727 bus travels direct to the airport, seven miles northwest of the city. The timetable alters slightly on a Sunday, beginning at 06.45, and running every 90 minutes until 21.45.

The bus service arrives as Aberdeen’s cousin, Edinburgh Airport, is exchanging blows with local councillors over its controversial £1 drop-off fee. The two events might appear unrelated, but both are ostensibly traffic calming measures, designed to unclog airport forecourts, and prevent local villages becoming car parks.

Aberdeen has refused to implement a parking levy of its own, perhaps after witnessing the backlash to Edinburgh’s drop-off fee, but the new 727 bus should still be instrumental in removing private vehicles from nearby roads.

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