Aberdeen airport to get £10 million

You may not think of Aberdeen as having the biggest and busiest airport in Scotland but that might all be about to change soon as they have just been boosted by a huge pot of money to spend and are about to go all out with their cheque book.

£10 million of investment will see Aberdeen moving their base in the very north-east of the country into the 21st Century and towards a much more international market. They have plans set up for a much larger arrivals terminal and walkway for passengers, as well as a lot of work to be done on the parking bays for the aircraft, which have been specially designed to house the latest models of eco-friendly aircraft. The walkway will be one of the big projects and will be a heated two-lane system that aims to reduce the congestion upon arrival and for passengers leaving the airport.

There will be work done on the drop-off areas and taxi points and some additional security measures to protect the front of the terminal. As well as the security aspects, the other topical issue being addressed at Aberdeen is that of the environment and they will be fitting new low-energy light bulbs throughout the site.

The project is being split up into three phases with the first of these being the walkway, which is aimed to be completed by the end of 2009.

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