Aberdeen Airport invaded by protestors

On March 3, numerous flights at Aberdeen Airport were affected due to a group of protestors who broke into the airport and started to play golf on the taxiway while dressed to look like Donald Trump. The protest was designed to express opposition to the proposed expansion of the airport, and focused on Trump because he is opening a luxury golf course nearby and has supported the expansion.

The group of nine protestors from the protest group, Plane Stupid, broke through the perimeter fence shortly after 2am. Seven stayed on the taxiway and two went onto the roof, unfolding a banner reading ‘Nae Trump Games with Climate Change’.

As a result, all of the flights during the early morning were delayed by at least three hours and some incoming flights were cancelled until the resumption of scheduled flights at about 9am.

The group behind the protest claimed that it was to raise awareness of the dangers being faced by climate change and to express their displeasure at the expansion of airports across the country. All nine were arrested.

Plane Stupid has hit the headlines before with its protest at Stansted Airport in December 2008, and we can be sure to expect more from the group in the future.

The day after the protest, the nine protestors all appeared in court charged with vandalism and breach of the peace. They were all released on bail.

However, it has since emerged that amongst those delayed were a cancer patient who was travelling for treatment in Aberdeen, and a helicopter which was flying to Inverness to help a sick child, revealing just how serious such actions can be even if they raise important issues.

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