Aberdeen Airport bottles it up for Charity

Aberdeen Airport has recently announced that they have teamed up with a local artist by donating their empty recyclable bottles all in the name of art and charity.

The artist in question is Lynne Anderson, who for the last year has set up and ran Lynne’s Lamps for Charlie House Initiative. She took glass bottles and converted them into various homemade lamps and lights to create bottle artwork while selling them and giving the profits to the charity Charlie House.

Charlie House

Charlie House is a local charity that operates in the north east of Scotland, whose main goal is to help babies, children and young adults that suffer from complex disabilities and life-limiting conditions, by organising activities and various projects for them and their families. The idea behind these activities is that it gives the children and their families the opportunity to enjoy themselves and gain confidence, while also having the chance to get support and socially engage with other families that are in similar situations.

In the beginning the charity gave Lynne the target of raising £4,300, but a year later after creating 320 different bottle artwork designs she successful exceeded expectations and raised £10,000. Lynne went on to say: “After I had reached the target, people asked if I would stop making the lamps, but I enjoy doing them. I find them quite therapeutic to just sit and make in an evening so I just kept going with them.”

As a result of the initiative’s success , Aberdeen Airport has now pledged their support to Lynne’s work and staff will be bringing in and donating various empty bottles along with the airports Northern Lights lounge.

Aberdeen Airport Bottle Artwork

The environmental coordinator of the airport, Emma Lindsay said: “We are delighted to help Lynne Anderson in this creative way of raising funds for Charlie House. The work Lynne produces for the charity is not only beautiful but also supports a fantastic cause.”

“As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local charities, this initiative is a great way to get the whole airport involved.”

In terms of future plans, Lynne added: “I will continue to keep making the lamps as long as orders keep coming in. The contribution from Aberdeen International Airport will also help support my work.”

The bottle lights themselves cost between £39 and £45 and can be brought by clicking this link: Click Here

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